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The application is easy to use by beginners and expert users. It does not require any special knowledge at all.



It changes the position and size of the window very quickly. Up to ten times faster than the default mode.



Produce desired results with no errors and no spend time.

ScreenGridy is a useful tool to simplify and speed up your work with Windows. It has an improved option to work with the desktop. ScreenGridy uses the simplest and most effective way to transform the position and size of a window. It shows a grid over the desktop. By moving the mouse over the desktop grid cells, you can change this up to ten times faster and precisely than in the default mode. For advanced users, we recommend using our application SetMate. It has all ScreenGridy advantages and many more.

ScreenGridy is freeware



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The purpose of the program is to organize work with windows. This increases productivity and makes easiest the work. . .

Lock Cursor Tools

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Lock Cursor Tools simply locks the mouse cursor. You may choose a predetermined area, the primary or secondary monitor screen or part of the window of a particular application.


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The NooG programme is used to make queries by country, language, document type, time of creation, website, excluding certain phrases, etc.

Door Control

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The software shows the button for opening and closing the DVD drive door in the system menu. A single click will open or close the DVD drive door. You may also assign a hotkey for this function.


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A very small application that aims to notify you in real time whether the status of the Num Lock or Caps Lock keys changes... 


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InstaMonitor is a software utility for dual monitor systems. It can show the contents of all or a part of the desktop, scrolling text, an individual window, a graphics from the clipboard, capture an image and much, much more to a second monitor.


ScreenGridy  2.0 * June 7, 2020 * 840KB * Download
SetMate 2.0 * April 10, 2020 * 631KB * Download
Lock Cursor Tools * 2.1 * July 17, 2019 * 586KB * Download
NooG 4.0 * November 19, 2019 * 505KB * Download
Door Control 4.8 * Maz 13, 2019 * 516KB * Download
7Caps 6.3 * April 7, 2020 * 918KB * Download
InstaMonitr 8.0 * March 10, 2020 * 959KB * Download


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