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SetMate divides the desktop workspace
into a grid.
With a click on the grid and highlight cells, it is easy to transform the position and size of the current window.

The purpose of the program is to organize work with windows. This increases productivity and makes easiest the work.
The most significant feature in the new version of the application is the ability to group windows in up to four groups.
The program also can now display the fullscreen grid.
When working with Windows, many times is the problem of how to get the right window that we need. The combination Alt-Tab is to slow. Especially when multiple windows are open.
With each window, you can perform operations like resize, minimize, make semitransparent, stay on top, bring to front, tile, cascade, etc. It's enough just a click or shortcut to switch between each group.
The SetMate interface is fully customizable. You can define shortcuts for all program operations. The application is easy to use by beginners and expert users.

SetMate product ID: 300917570